Rock Villa Myth

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Rock Myth Villa

You should never have expected that by descending 10 steps you would meet a charming basement apartment, fully equipped with a traditional kitchen with all electrical appliances, a built-in bench with a huge table in the middle where you can enjoy your breakfast or wonderful Dinners. As we all know, lunch time was, is and will be, a sweet ritual ... In the depths of the basement there is a cave living room with a romantic chamber - taken from another era. And the surprise: next to the underground kitchen there is a Jacuzzi, built specially for hours of relaxation, for the moments you want to  offer yourself another unique experience of total peace and tranquility.

Rock Myth Facilities

  • 130 sq meters
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi 4 sq. meters
  • 1 Safebox
  • Mini Fridge
  • Free WiFi
  • Satelite TV
  • Audio Player
  • Internet TV
  • Laundry Machine
  • Fylly equiped Kitchen
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Outdoor hifi system
  • 2 per. Picnic basket
  • Maid Service every 2 days
  • Inaccessible for people with disabilities

There is a Private Parking Available for 1 car, or a Public Parking Area

In Santorini you came to see, to hear, and to feel with all your senses. You came to love and be loved. And if they ask you:
Why in Santorini and not somewhere else?

Because life is not predictable.