Let me share with you my secret and join us to discover …

“…I started working as an advertiser in Thessaloniki at a very young age while studying at the same time, influenced in the field of advertising by my father, who was also an advertiser. I did this quite successfully for many years until at some point instinct and circumstances turned my interest to other similar industries, such as strategizing for a large national discount platform and designing and implementing an innovative idea of another global service delivery platform.

At some point in the cycle of life I found myself a bit ‘lost’ because life, as you know, gives you sometimes oranges and sometimes…lemons!

So, this turning point came to me while I was traveling to Santorini (my great love for no apparent reason), There, I asked from universe to give me a solution to my issues and my whole being got vibrated when I heard it whispering to me “…Santorini”!

In Santorini, a beautiful and warm evening, I asked from universe to give me a solution to my problem and it magically sent me the inspiration to start something new… there! Don’t ask me how and why. The universe is lean and efficient. And so, I left behind all that I was taught and I knew, so I moved on to what I considered a hobby, joy, creation: making something for someone in my own way and it’s all mine.

From that time and on, all my energy was directed towards that whisper. I was thinking “But what to do, what is the universe trying to tell me? Should I stay here, work, create something? …What?”

(I wonder: Has the universe always been this frugal and at the same time so determined for you too just like in my case?)

So, I left behind everything I was taught, and moved on to what I considered joy, hobby, creation: I first created Rock Villas in Santorini and then Rock Dandy in Arachova – Delphi, and in Old Agios Athanasios, in Kaimaktsalan. My 3 favorite places in Greece became inspiration for providing hospitality to some of you.

The sea breeze of beautiful Santorini,

The hidden paths of Arachova to the famous oracle of Delphi and the

Magical paradise village of Old Saint Athanasios are my favorite destinations that I hope you will love too.

I want you to know that the smallest detail in these houses is made with passion, love, personal care and is there for you to enjoy.

Your joy will be my joy.

Thank you for reading me. I hope I didn’t bore you.
Thank you in advance for keeping my secret, for sharing my joy about these places.
With love,

Ps1: Before booking your accommodation at www.rockvillas.gr you can email me for any question, clarification, request you want at pr@rockvillas.gr or call me at +306937277277 (what’s app & viber)

Ps2: You can find me on Linkedin as Loumakou Antigone