Why Santorini should be added on your bucket list

"Why Santorini should be added on your bucket list"

Success story!

1. Ticket booking

We have booked all the tickets (for all 10 pers) with less than a month before this trip, right after we found a convenient flight with great discount on the site (late June for August 2020).

Just because of this pandemic situation, we actually bought them at half the initial price (about 140EUR/pers), which helped us a lot with a serious money reducing.

2. Hotel booking

Later on we’ve decided to book the most gorgeous villa ever (Rock Villas) for 8 days

The nearest airport Santorini International is 11km away from Rock Villas, so they offer you transportation for a charge.

Rock Villas – Complex is situated in Emporio region of Santorini (2.1 km from Perivolos). If you want to enjoy your vacation in a quiet place, here you find the right option!

This complex has a cool pool and a hot tub where you could enjoy some drinks or snaks. I remember we used to spend late nights in the jacuzzi, sharing stories or even the theatrical performances, laughing and eating cheese next to an excellent rosé.

The interior design of the villas will let you speechless. So futuristic decorated with unique cave patterns and with a great taste of choice. Our rooms were something out of the movies!

The surroundigs were impressive. It was like a huge hill dressed up with sparckles. But, everything in Santorini has the same pattern, and damn, I loved it!

3. Car rent

Once we arrived on the island, we were taken by their drivers right to the complex (20 min by car for 50EUR/5ppl). The next day, my husband rent a tiny car for the next 7 days.

Note: I encourage you to rent tiny cars or be prepared as the roads are incredibly narrow.

Even though this haven’t stopped us to rent a wrangler for our wedding; we struggled a bit but just for 1 day.

4. Oia

You could not think about Santorini and not to have a curiosity about the most popular region on island, Oia.

We first visit Oia on our wedding shooting sesion.

Hence, my husband took the jeep and headed out for this incredible and so popular destination. Hair in the wind, music, blue sky, blue water, stones and joy and 30 minutes on the way to what I will always remember. I was happy.

I can’t remember anything but everyone staring at us, asking us to take photos and complimenting our outfits. It was really hot but, I was incredibly pleased with my comfy sneakers. Damn, praise to those sneakers!

Besides that, the view was astonishing so I could spend my wedding day on those tiny stairways watching the infinite blue. But, we left because it was time to get married and I knew, obviously, we will return the next day.

5. Sunset

So, here we are! The next day our main plan was to catch the Sunset.

We spent some time around taking those popular breathtaking shots with famous blue domes and inifinite panorama. Then we headed out for the Byzantine Castle to see the leaving Sun.

It’s a unique feeling while watching the Sunset, when the sun creates his own way to the sea. Thousands of colors starting to grow steadly right from the water, dressing the island into a warmly shield and emphasizing its astonishing architectures.

6. Hike from Oia to Fira

You could enjoy a 10km hike from Oia to Fira before or even after the Sunset.

This is an enjoyable way to explore the island and it’s a great opportunity to allow yourself to get lost in this sweet surrender for almost 2 – 3 hours.

Note: avoid hiking during the day as it’s way too hot. Do it in the early morning or even in the evening.

7. Akrotiri: Red, White and Black Beaches

On the southeast coastline you will take a glimpse on the Minoan Bronze Age settlement, Akrotiri which it’s definitely a must see site.

You could easly get there by car or by bus (about 5€/person), having the chance to see the well known beaches in just a matter of minutes!

Note: you won’t find the finest sand in the world on the beaches, therefore prepare a good pair of aqua shoes!

Red beach could be so easly recognised by its rare sight of red lava cliffs as far as the eye could see, probably unique in the world. This incredible palette of contrasting colors will definitely mesmerize you.

Black beach is the place you’d want to be for a perfect party as it is well known for the beach bars and DJs events. The crystal-clear water along with the impressive landscape make it one of the best and most popular beaches in Santorini.

White Beach is surrounded by white towering cliffs which creates a beautiful tiny paved beach. This white rocky beach hides another narrow beach which could be all yours, and you’ll love the fine sand under your feet.

8. Food

I admit I am a food lover, expecially greek food lover! Already drooling, guys!

Even if you try a restaurant in Oia, Emporio or preparying your own at your villa, the Santorini vibe is ubiquitos and that’s enough! You could enjoy even a simple snack with a view, which wouldn’t be a bad ideea at all! But, trust me… their food is heavenly good.

So prepare to spend some serious money on that because you won’t resist.

Or, you could choose to shop some groceries from the market (there is also a Lidle somewhere in the north-west of the island) or check out the butcher shop for a delightful meal and a crazy barbeque!

9. Wine

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine in your jacuzzi or you’d rather go on a wine tasting tour, let me announce that you’ve already made the best choice.

Wine is ubiquitos too on this mighty island, hence trust me, this is not a thing you want to miss in Santorini! Wine is more plentiful than water and you’ll notice the next second you’ll arrive. Everywhere you’ll se grape vines!

Thank you so much sheislittlewonderer from NewsBrake.com