Life is a story

written or unwritten, with an imaginative plot and unexpected scenario., that unfolds every day in front of us.


Are you ready for a dive in the history of the place?

When you visit a place, you become a part of its history that is engraved everywhrere  you look.

Are you ready to be part of this adventure ? Being the main character in this amazing story that is played  among the past , present and future ?

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Your setting is the Castle of Emporio.

The senario  demands you to walk through history to understant the present 

You are in the heart of the village, in the heart of the maze. Kastelli is the trademark of out village, ruins with own stories to tell, with an ambience of mystery and magic. Around it the houses build in such a way , close to oneanother , protecting oneanother , sheltering the citizens from intruders and weather conditions.

The camera turns to capture a panoramic view.  You can see the byzantine church of  Saint Theodosia, Perisssa black beach and the endless Aegean blue. Breath the summer breeze and maybe you can even smell the freshly made bread baked in the ovens  underneath you. The remainings of the old traditional ovens, are part of the setting. Left there to remind us how simple life was. Bringing you back to the roots, siting around the sunday table.

The camera closes and you are in the present. Comforably laying in your patio, resting in the modern furnished outdoor dining table, around the jacuzzi , enjoying a glass of Assirtico , one of famous varieties of Santorinian wine . You can keep the images, the parfumes and the whispers of the past for yourself.

Rock Villas


These stories compose a paradoxically colorful puzzle over the years, depicted in the bottom of things and dynamically stimulating the atmosphere.

…Making the world enchanting, even more exciting.

Behind every beautiful image, thousands are drawn from the distant past

Rock Dandy


Rock Dandy is a house with a strong personality. It is a three-story stone-built villa in a small complex of houses, with an awesome view to the Oracle of Delphi. The view from the balconies and the porch is breathtaking. The decoration is highly sophisticated with obtrusive luxury which arouses warmth and snugness. Would you like to introduce you to the host, Rock Dandy?

Rock Dandy

Agios Athanasios

It is you, now, who will discover the other truth.

It is up to you to dive deeper into the imagination beyond the beautiful surface and enchant by listening to the exuberant secrets and truths of an existing but forgotten world.

Are you ready for a great revelation? Are you ready for a dive in the history of the place?

Never be at a loss for ideas and always show up.

Can't wait to stay in our villas?